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Through the use of PLC’s, pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics, Answer Precision designs and manufactures an effective solution to production requirements. We specialize in single assembly stations and small production lines.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Fastening parts with glue, rivets, screws, clips etc.
  • Installing clips, springs, bushings, screws, grommets etc.
  • De-gating molded parts
  • Weld cells
  • Assembling components together
  • Verification of component or assembly features
  • Leak test or pressure decay test
  • Vacuum test
  • Sorting of parts
  • Vision inspection
  • Inspection stations integrated with Co-ordinate Measuring Machines
  • Poka-Yoke stations

Our automation department is full service providing the design, manufacture and integration of the equipment. The engineering department, working closely with our customer, develops and integrates into the design, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics to provide economical, efficient and safe automated solutions. Once the design is approved our team of seasoned staff manufacture, build and assemble all of the components to produce a complete turnkey machine. APT has the advantage of having a state of the art CNC department in-house for any unusual machining requirements.

For certain applications the Automation department will work closely with the Gauge department to produce a machine or station. This unit verifies through the use of contact or non-contact sensing the location or size of a part or assembly.

Equipment is certified or compliant to the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review. Equipment is Electrical Safety Authority certified.

From stand alone production modules and integrated robotic applications, to complete turn-key solutions, APT offers a diverse range of design and build capabilities for the entire scope of manufacturing automation systems.